The Global Diaphragm: Management of our Pressure System from our Vocal Cords to the Pelvic Floor


Course Description:

This one hour webinar will expand our knowledge on our 3 tier diaphragm system. From our glottis to our diaphragm to our pelvic floor muscles, there is synchronous activation of these structures with every movement we participate in. If there is incoordination, then there is a breakdown of the system that can result in faulty postural habits that can ultimately lead to low back pain, urinary leakage, constipation, voice changes, and much more. This interactive lab will be instructional and hands-on . You will feel confident in being able to instruct on how to properly activate all parts of this pressure system to allow for your patients to have a more efficient functional pattern. 
1) Understand the 3 different diaphragms in our body. 
2) Learn how faulty activation of one pressure system can impact other regions. 
3) Be able to palpate the pelvic floor externally and coordinate with breathing pattern. 
4) Integrate voice exercises to improve coordination throughout the global diaphragm. 
5) Demonstrate active exercises to address dysfunctional movement patterns. 

Meet your Instructors
Dr. Kelli Wilson