ISOMT Evidence based Examination & Management of Pelvis- Sacroiliac joint- Regional Interdependence (PTs, OTs)

Course Overview

Did you know that by manipulating, mobilizing, or working on the pelvis and sacral torsions, you can fix complex sciatica, low back pain patients within few sessions, and also help with the patient's knee pain, heel pain under regional interdependence?

Your low back pain patient examination and treatment are incomplete and of no use, if you don't check and fix the pelvis, pubic symphysis, and sacrum. “Gregory S. Johnson”

Come & learn in our six hour long (3 hours on each day) complex pelvis- sacroiliac joint examination and management- regional interdependence by world leaders from the USA this new year in January, 2022.  All written materials , full course video recordings for lifetime access along with ISOMT Internationally recognized Certificate is given Post Course.  

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Course Overview 

In this course, Dr TJ & Dr PK will be discussing about evidence based comprehensive approach of pelvis and sacro-iliac joint assessment and treatment.

They present their views about the difficult low back pain patients who can be treated by this evidence based approach, and regional interdependence.

The course begins with a focus on Anatomy and biomechanics of the Pelvis and sacro-iliac joints.

Learners and participants will be able to recommend proper evidence based examination and treatment procedures which will include coupling motions, neurological screening, segmental mobility testing, identifying the dysfunctions, and treatment techniques.

TJ & PK will describe pelvis and sacro-iliac mobilisation, manipulations, neurodynamic, muscle energy techniques.

This will include both open chain and closed exercise prescription.

The course will conclude with real case studies discussion from TJ's & PK's own clinical experience with a detailed interactive session in the end.


Course Objectives


Ligaments and Musculature


Coupling motion Correlation with pelvic motion

Neurological/Neuro-motor screen

Physiological Assessment

Segmental Mobility Testing

Understanding the nomenclature

Naming the dysfunction

Treatment Sequence

Joint Mobilizations

Joint Manipulation

Neuro Dynamic Techniques

Muscle Energy Techniques

Exercise Prescription

Case Studies Discussion


Meet your Instructors

Dr. Parijat Kumar
(Founder of ISOMT)
Certified Spine & Sports Specialist
Dr. Tejinder (TJ) Singh
(Honorary President) Co-founder