ISOMT Evidence based Examination & Assessment of Thoracic Spine & Ribs- Regional Interdependence- Part 1

Course Overview

  • ISOMT - Get Ready to effectively Examine and Manage Arm, Elbow, Shoulder, Neck, Upper Back Pain, Radiculopathy by learning from the US Manual Therapy Experts on the Evidence-based Assessment & Treatment of Thoracic Spine & Ribs (Regional Interdependence) -An ISOMT Update 
  • With this 3-hour of the Part-1 Course, Dr PK & Dr TJ discusses every evidence based ways of examination and regional interdependence of Thoracic Spine - Ribs
  • This Hands-on Training is Available both ONLINE & OFFLINE- HANDS ON
  • With the latest evidence from the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy, they bring the best ways to tackle Arm, shoulder, neck, upper back pain which can have life-changing effects on a patient.
  • Look at the Course Chapters below with full demonstration & Practice.

Course Objectives:

  • Anatomy
  • Rule of 3
  • Arthrokinematics
  • Coupling characteristics
  • Costal-Ribs Biomechanics 
  • Differential Diagnosis 
  • Costochondral conditions 
  • Segmental assessment
  • Inspiration/Expiration Dysfunction
  • Dr Tejinder Singh & Dr Parijat Kumar from the USA is here to teach an Online - Offline (Hands on Training) Class on Evidence based Examination & Management of Thoracic Spine & Ribs (Regional Interdependence) 

Chapters & Learning Objectives

Chapter 1- Thoracic Spine Basics (Clinical Relevance)
: 00:03 Hour

Here, Dr TJ discusses the basic framework of Thoracic Spine including its Anatomy, curvature & its regional relationship. 

Chapter 2 - T-6 Syndrome & Clinical Relevance
: 00:06 Hour

In this chapter, Dr PK & Dr TJ disucsses about a unique point and T 6 Thoracic Syndrome. Why is this point important and why is it missed by many Clinicians in everyday's life & parctice.

Chapter 3- Golden Rule of 3 of Thoracic Spine (Geelhoed et al., 2006)
: 00:07 Hour

Dr PK discusses about Golden rule of 3 for the palpation of Thoracic spinous process & adjacent vertebrae. Please understand this carefully.

Chapter 4- Palpation of Thoracic Spine - Ribs & Important Landmarks (Demonstration & Practice)
: 00:41 Hour

Dr PK discusses and demonstrates in details various landmarks and regional interdependence clearly palpating Cervical spine, ribs region around thoracic spine with surface anatomy. This is a very important Chapter for all Manual Therapist to see and practice.

Chapter 5- Facet Articulation, Thoracic Disc & Biomechanics of Thoracic Spine- Demo & Practice
: 00:15 Hour

In this chapter, Dr TJ discusses various Thoracic Spine & Ribs, Costosternal articulations, thoracic spine and its clinical relevance, along with the biomechanics and movements of thoracic spine and related regions. 

Chapter 6- Arthrokinematics of Thoracic Spine & Ribs- Demo & Practice
: 00:22 Hour

Dr TJ & Dr PK discusses how thoracic spine & ribs constitute to various movements of this part of spine and how their facet joints biomechanically glide in various directions. This chapter is important to understand the assessment & mobilising or manipulating force according to Thoracic Spine orientation. 

Chapter 7- Differential Diagnosis of Thoracic Spine & Ribs
: 00:06 Hour

A very important aspect to understand "differential diagnosis" where you can have misleading patient's signs & symptoms and you as an expert clinician should know how to diagnose them and rule out different pathologies for a proper referral. Learn this important aspect from Dr PK & Dr TJ in this chapter. 

Chapter 8- Thoracic Spine & Ribs Dysfunctions - Clinical Significance
: 00:13 Hour

Dr TJ & Dr PK discusses about various common Thoracic spine and Ribs dysfunctions that are seen in clinical practice, how to approach them, identify them, assess and treat them effectively. Enjoy learning from experts. 

Chapter 9- Evaluation Steps in Examination- Demo & Practice
: 00:06 Hour

Dr TJ & Dr PK discusses various steps, postural screening and many other testing in assessment and evaluation criteria of Thoracic & Ribs to be done.

Chapter 10- Segmental Mobility Testing of Thoracic Spine & Ribs (Demo & Practice)
: 00:32 Hour

A very important chapter in this Part. Checking the Manual Therapy examination & segmental mobility of thoracic spine & ribs is the most important final step in an evidence based assessment discussed by Dr PK & Dr TJ in this chapter. Please go through it carefully , learn, review, and practice. 

Meet your Instructors

Dr. Parijat Kumar
(Founder of ISOMT)
Certified Spine & Sports Specialist
Dr. Tejinder (TJ) Singh
(Honorary President) Co-founder