ISOMT Case Studies Discussion - Lateral Shin Pain, Back or Groin Pain - Maigne Syndrome, TMJ disorders in Whiplash

Course Overview

Get ready to learn real root cause of lateral shin pain- is it the bone, pelvis or muscle ?

Groin and back.pain in an unknown condition called Maigne Syndrome and

TMJ disorders in Whiplash disorders.

Attend our one hour lecture with demonstrations from our US Experts and learn to assess and manage all these complex patient cases with regional interdependence. 

Chapters & Learning Objectives

Lateral Shin Pain, Back or Groin Pain- Maigne Syndrome, TMJ disorders in Whiplash.
: 01:00 Hour

Dr Tejinder and Dr Parijat from the USA discusses about : 

1- Live Patient Case Study-1 - Patient with lateral shin pain, various signs and symptoms, differential diagnosis, and what could be the real root causes of this lateral shin pain. Experts discusses and demonstrates various joint issues, pelvis - sacrum malalignment which can lead to this problem. 


2- Case Study-2 - Back and groin pain - Presenters discusses how it can be confusing about the pain coming from back, or pelvis. It can be from thoraco-lumbar spine, also known as Maigne Syndrome. What are the things to assess and treat for this complex and rare condition? 


3- Case Study-3 - A real patient case disucssion of having difficulty in mouth opening and with headaches. How previous history of Whiplash, or any car accident can lead to changes in cervical spine, and TMJ changes? 


All the case studies, some of the findings, treatment strategies are demonstrated by Dr Parijat Kumar.  

Meet your Instructors

Dr. Parijat Kumar
(Founder of ISOMT)
Certified Spine & Sports Specialist