Evidence-based Assessment & Management of Golf Injuries (a TPI Approach)

Course Overview

Lab Description : 

Dr Reginald Vanvelzen from US- Canada is here to discuss in this one hour Virtual Lab about different Golf injuries, how to identify them, different pelvis-thorax disassociation drills, various swing faults and injuries caused by it. He also discusses the latest evidence based TPI- International organisation for Golf Assessment from a Medical standpoint. He also shows demonstrations and practices in these Golf Mobility drills and focussed treatments to help Golfers prevent further injuries. 

Learn and enjoy. 

Chapters & Learning Objectives

Chapter 1- Swing Faults & most common area of injury in Golfers
: 00:06 Hour

In this Chapter, Dr Reginald, discusses about main areas of Golf Swing Analysis , various injuries caused by these faults and how to assess them in the latest evidence based way. 

Chapter 2-Most Common Golf Swing Faults & what they look like
: 00:13:12 Hour

Dr Reg discusses about different swing faults and also demonstrates how they look like. 

Biomechanics from a Medical specialist standpoint  is important aspect to discuss. 

Chapter 3- Golf Pelvis - Thorax Disassociation
: 00:02 Hour

In this short chapter, Dr Reg demonstrates and discusses about different assessment & treatment strategies on disassociating Pelvis - Thoracic spine for a proper and specific strategy. 

Chapter 4 -TPI Assessment of a Golfer (Mobility Standpoint)
: 00:09 Hour

A detailed approach for TPI Assessment for a Golfer from a Medical standpoint in terms of mobility is discussed including various tets, and measures. 

Chapter 5- Focused Treatment (Manual techniques) & Prescriptive mobility exercises
: 00:12 Hour

Dr Reg discusses in detail and demonstrates different Manual Techniques to fix the mobility issues, strength issues, or preventing the injuries part of a Golfer. In addition, ISOMT also demonstrates some exercise prescription for the same. 

Chapter 6 - Golf Disassociation and mobility drills
: 00:04 Hour

Various Golf - TPI Disassociation & mobility drills are continued in this video lecture. Further, Dr Reg discusses how to measure, and help any Golfer prevent any injury by learning this disassociation skills. 

Chapter 7- Golf Lecture Takeaways
: 00:02 Hour

In this short lecture, Dr Reg summarizes various takeaways from this Lecture, where to focus , important points to consider when assessing or approaching a Golfer from a TPI Stampoint. 

Meet your Instructors

Dr. Reginald Vanvelzen
(Sports & Movement Specialist)